Dr. Helmut Hiertz Neurosurgeon

Expert on Spine, Herniated Disc, Stenosis and Tumor

As a neurosurgeon, I have been working intensively on the spine for over 25 years now.

The exact examination and assessment of the radiological images is crucial for the successful treatment of diseases of the spine, so that an individual therapy plan can then be carried out.

The goal is to significantly improve the pain situation and regain quality of life.

There are clear international guidelines on how to treat symptoms caused by diseases of the spine.

A clear distinction must be made here between pure pain syndromes and possibly also existing neurological deficits (paralysis, cross-section). In the case of pure pain, clarification with a clinical examination, MRI and X-ray and subsequent conservative therapy is recommended for about 12 weeks.

If this therapy does not help and if quality of life cannot be achieved, the operation should be carried out. As a rule, surgical therapy leads to a significant reduction in pain and an improvement in quality of life.

If these principles are ignored, there is a risk that the poor quality of life and chronic pain will lead to depression, social problems and the like. In very serious cases this can lead to suicide.

With paralysis we have an acute situation where we should react immediately. If there is a weakness in the arm or leg area or a disturbance of the ability to walk, an immediate investigation with X-ray and MR and the operation are usually necessary.

The earlier the operation, the greater the chances of improvement or complete regression of the weak state.

Thanks to the cooperation within the framework of the Rückenschmerzentrum in Wels, I can offer appointments in the ordination for the initial examination at short notice and, subsequently, the radiological clarification and initiation of targeted therapy at very short notice. The surgical therapy is individually tailored – from minimally invasive to deformity correction with osteotomy – in the Bad Vigaun Medical Center.

In-patient conservative treatment with pain therapy, infiltration and punctures as well as physiotherapy also takes place in Bad Vigaun.

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Dr. Helmut Hiertz